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Extra Curricular activities


Drama is story telling. In drama at Miller IEC, students learn how to use voice and gesture to tell stories.

To be an effective story-teller, we must learn the elements of drama:

  • focus
  • space
  • tension
  • movement
  • mood.

We study drama in Miller IEC to learn:

  • to speak English with confidence
  • self-confidence
  • to tell our stories
  • to explore Australian multicultural society.      

Through drama, students can try out real life situations, for example, for a job interview by role-playing, or learning about life in Australia. In drama we can practice solving problems and cultural misunderstandings.

In Miller IEC, all the students are involved in a large performance every third semester. This enables students to have a theatre experience with lighting, sound and multi-media, and to perform in front of a live audience.

Home economics

Miller Technology High School’s home economics faculty has a large array of facilities and equipment to enable them to offer a broad curriculum in both the junior and senior years.

Industrial arts

Miller Technology High School’s industrial arts faculty has an array of facilities and equipment to enable them to offer a broad range of courses in both the junior and senior school. We have well-equipped woodwork, metal work & design and technology work spaces.